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1. What are falling fast in autumn? 

(A) Leaves

(B) Snows

(C) fruit

(D) Prams

Answer (A)

2. The leaves are falling……… from the trees in Autumn.

(A) slow

(B) fast

(C) beautifully

(D) None

Answer (B)

3. Prams go ……………… on. 

(A) making sound

(B) rolling”

(C) lying

(D) speaking

Answer (B)

4. The “Whispering neighbous” means – 

(A) messenger of death

(B) ideal friend

(C) good teacher

(D) None

Answer (A)

5. Who is dumb ……….. in the poem “Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast”. 

(A) Persons

(B) Nightingale

(C) Criminals

(D) Ladies

Answer (B)

6. White water fall could bless the ……. .

(A) travellers

(B) players

(C) politicians

(D) None

Answer (A)

7. The Prams are ……….. 

(A) Rolling

(B) Breaking

(C) Jumping

(D) None

Answer (A)

8. W.H. Auden is a ………… Poet. 

(A) Classical

(B) war

(C) Romantic

(D) modern

Answer (D)

9. And the nightingale is dumb And the ………. will not come.

(A) trolls

(B) Prams

(C) angel

(D) distress

Answer (C)

10. W.H. Auden won the ……….. prize in 1948.

(A) Pulitzer

(B) Man Booker

(C) Nobel

(D) Sahitya Akademi

Answer (A)

11. “Nurses of the grave are gone” is from: 

(A) An Epitaph

(B) Fire-Hymn

(C) Now the leaves are felling fast

(D) The Soldier

Answer (C)

12. “And the nightingale is dumb” is from 

(A) Now the Leaves are Falling Fast

(B) Ode to Autumn

(C) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

(D) Fire-Hymn

Answer (A)

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