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1. The Soldier is a ……..

(A) long poem

(B) sonnet/war poem

(C) elegy/Nature poem

(D) satire/love poem

Answer (B)

2. A Sonnet consists ………

(A) 12 lines

(B) 14 lines

(C) 8 lines

(D) None

Answer (B)

3. Rupert Brooke is a ……..

(A) Metaphysical poet

(B) Romantic poet

(C) War-poet

(D) None

Answer (C)

4. “A pulse in the enternal mind”

Or “A dust whom England bore ….”

Or “If I should die, think only ……”has been taken from…..by…..

(A) The Soldier, Rupert Brooke

(B) The Daffodils, Wordsworth

(C) Echo, Walter De La Mare

(D) All of these

Answer (A)

5. “Rupert Brook’s body is made from the dust of

(A) India

(B) Japan

(C) England

(D) China

Answer (C)

6. “How many times the poet used “England” in the poem,

“The Soldier”

(A) Two times

(B) four times

(C) six times

(D) None times

Answer (C)

7. If he dies in foreign/abroad and his body is buried there then it will be the place of ……..

(A) America

(B) other countries

(C) England

(D) None

Answer (C)

8. If there is no quarrelling in any country then the country will be like ………..

(A) hell

(B) heaven

(C) high wall

(D) mountains

Answer (B)

9. The poet “Rupert Brooke” praises ……

(A) England

(B) Germany

(C) Japan

(D) Russia

Answer (A)

10. There is “Idealistic patriotism” in ………

(A) Adlestrop

(B) Echo

(C) If

(D) The Soldier

Answer (D)

11. Virtues of a true Soldier has been shown (depicted) by

(A) Rudyard Kipling

(B) W.B Yeats

(C) Rupert Brooke

(D) None

Answer (C)

12. The richer dust refers to …….

(A) The poet’s body (Soldier’s body)

(B) his country

(C) other’s country

(D) None

Answer (A)

13. His country has given him….. and made matured.

(A) birth

(B) death

(C) sorrow

(D) None

Answer (A)

14. England has given him ….. to love,

rivers to wash and fresh air to breathe.

(A) sunlight

(B) flowers

(C) English air

(D) None

Answer (B)

15. “In hearts at peace, under an English heaven”is from

(A) Ode to Autumn

(B) The Soldier

(C) Song of Myself

(D) Fire-Hymn

Answer (B)

16. The poet in ‘The Soldier’ is depicting the miseries of ……….

(A) war

(B) nature

(C) relation

(D) love

Answer (A)

17. The Soldier is a ………. poem.

(A) love

(B) happy

(C) nature

(D) war

Answer (D)

18. The Soldier belonged to ………..

(A) England

(B) Russia

(C) America

(D) Germany

Answer (A)

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