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1. Germaine Greer was bon in

(A) 1938

(B) 1940

(C) 1939

(D) 1949

Answer (C)

2. …………women visited her mother’s house during pregnancy.

(A) An Indian

(B) An African

(C) A Sylheti

(D) A Canadian

Answer (C)

3. Infant and ……………… mortality is greater in traditional births.

(A) mother

(B) father

(C) sister

(D) brother

Answer (A)

4. Sylheti woman and her child are given new dress on the…………… day of the birth.

(A) 6th

(B) 7th

(C) 8th

(D) 10th

Answer (B)

5. ……………. is an extract from Sex and Density.

(A) A child is born

(B) The artist

(C) A pinch of snuff

(D) The earth

Answer (A)

6. A Child is Born is written by……..

(A) Germaine Greer

(B) H.E. Bates

(C) Anton P Chekhov

(D) Shiga Noaya Answer (A)

7. Who visits mother’s house as a reward of pregnancy ?

(A) Sylhet woman

(B) Punjabis woman

(C) Bihari woman

(D) Odishi woman Answer (A)

8. Married women do not become members of their new family until they have-

(A) Started cooking

(B) Started to earn

(C) Mix with others

(D) Bom a child

Answer (D)

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