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1. Censorship is imposed during ………

(A) peaceful times

(B) emergency

(C) election

(D) traders

Answer (B)

2. The Press is, under ordinary conditions, singularly free.

(A) Indian

(B) European

(C) Chinese

(D) British

Answer (D)

3. Miss Sayers said she would write no more plays, except on…………..

(A) commission

(B) politics

(C) culture

(D) sports

Answer (A)

4. Dorothy was born in-

(A) 1883

(B) 1893

(C) 1873

(D) 1863

Answer (B)

5. Without a free press there can be no-

(A) Society

(B) Free people

(C) Humanity

(D) Peace

Answer (B)

6. The policy of a newspaper is largely determined by—

(A) the government

(B) the public

(C) the proprietor

(D) None

Answer (C)

7. Proprietor of the newspaper has……….

(A) interest of the people

(B) National interest

(C) social interest

(D)  personal interest

Answer (D)

8. Who assume that readers can be made to believe anything ?

(A) Hitler and Northclife

(B) Mussolini and Southclife

(C) John and Mohan

(D) Rakesh and Abdullah

Answer (A)

9. Who was an essayist, playwright, poet ?

(A) Shiga Naoya

(B) Dorothy L Sayers

(C) H.E. Bates.

(D) Anton Chekhov

Answer (B)

10. How free is the press is written by……..

(A) H. E. bates

(B) Dr. Zakir Husain

(C) Dorothy L Sayers

(D) Bertrand Russell

Answer (C)

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